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    Karin van der Walt specializes in providing a continuum of service delivery options to meet the individual needs of each child and family.  We are pleased to offer the following pediatric therapy services in Morningside area, hospitals, private and public schools, and in their office location: Block G, Rochester Place, 173 Rivonia rd, Sandton:

    • Pre-School Screenings

      Assessment of speech, language & literacy skills to plan, support and determine if a full evaluation is warranted

    • Speech and Language Assessments

      Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of a child’s speech, language, social communication & literacy skills to determine the need for intervention

    • Speech and/or Language Therapy

      Individual, parent-child, and group therapy services for:

      • Language delays
      • Language disorders
      • Speech disorders
      • Language-based learning disabilities
      • Difficulty with phonological awareness & early literacy
      • Autism spectrum disorders
      • Downs’ Syndrome and other syndromes affecting speech and language development

    • Education & Training

      Education, training & workshops uniquely tailored to help parents & professionals learn more about topics such as:

      • Typical speech, language & literacy development
      • How to support language & literacy development through play & daily routines

    • Consultation

      Working with families & schools to provide the following services:

      • Informal observation of a child at in school
      • Integrating therapy strategies in the classroom environment
      • Collaborating with fellow therapists (i.e. Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Psychologists

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